Sunday, March 27, 2011

MJ Returns!

No, I'm not talking about Michael Jackson. Rather, I realized it's been over a week since my last post (gasp!) and although I have several longer pieces in the works, none are ready to be posted yet. Thus, I racked and racked my brain for the most exciting thing to have happened this week. It was as I was thus straining my brain during a maple sugar induced coma (hey, it's Maple Sunday and we visited two sugar shacks!) I realized that something quite out of the ordinary DID occur, as mundane as it may seem! 

Flying high--kite season is upon us!
Perhaps you have already guessed, but when I say "MJ Returns" I am, indeed, speaking of the the "holy marijuana" lady from my previous post!!! It has been nearly a year since the holy marijuana episode occurred, and just recently I was speaking with someone about how I have not seen the woman since. She must have sensed my thoughts because the very next day I walked out of the Teen Room and there she was, waiting at the Reference Desk for someone to help her find books on Wicca spells and Paganism. I wish I could report that she was hollering and having a fit like last year, but she was shockingly calm (though perhaps a bit vacant, as before), and once she received the books she needed she sat down quietly in a chair and began reading through them. The only thing slightly out-of-the-ordinary was when I noticed her quietly chanting to herself while rubbing a tattoo on her forearm. For a brief moment my imagination turned her into the vacant, stumbling zombie of last year, sitting in a chair clawing at her arm amidst a screen of murky fog and scowling with reddened eyes at the book in her lap. Her hair became gnarled and patchy, her teeth yellowed, and a greenish tinge seeped into the coloration of her face. And just as quickly, the vision was gone-- replaced once again by the quiet, chanting woman by a window in the library. Such an anticlimactic, mundane and unfulfilling incident, yet such a chance encounter! 

Little does this woman know that she is infamous amongst my circle of friends...

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